Happy In Bag

Friday, November 18, 2005


As if this Happy In Bag blog didn’t already make me the biggest geek on the block, I launched an MP3 blog Monday.

There Stands the Glass

Break my glasses and take my lunch money, already.

I’ll be posting a new song every weekday. Today, it’s an obscure old-school hip hop track by Ultramagnetic MCs. It’s quite the jam. Also up for the taking are an old Freddy Fender song, a jazz ballad, and a soul cover and new damaged pop by Lawrence’s Kelpie. I love it all.

Technically, this is illegal. But since I’m not posting the new Ashley Simpson single, and because every record label I’ve spoken to enthusiastically embraces the concept, I’ll gladly accept the risk.

Still, I gotta know- are pocket protectors allowed in prison?


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