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Thursday, November 17, 2005

Why Did You Leave Me, Otis Birdsong?

Tiny Archibald hurries up the court. Sam Lacey sets a pick. The ball swings over to Scotty Wedman. He goes inside to Bob Bigelow, who walks with it. Possession, New Orleans Jazz.

Yes, that’s the 1976 Kansas City Kings, playing in cutting-edge Kemper Arena. The games were so sparsely attended that you could pick your spot. I loved sitting in the bleachers behind the basket. The memory of having heroes like John Havlicek, World B. Free, Elvin Hayes and Bill Walton crash into me is still spine tingling.

Part of me died when the NBA left Kansas City for Sacramento. Professional sports are critical to a city’s viability. So when Lamar Hunt pushes for a cutting-edge Arrowhead Stadium, I’m inclined to fall in line. And I don’t even care all that much about the NFL- my delicate sensibilities make it impossible for me to enjoy attending Chiefs’ games.

(This photo of an open-air Arrowhead was taken after a Wizards game in August.)


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