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Friday, December 09, 2005

I'm Expecting Coal

The tedious debate over appropriate seasonal verbiage doesn’t interest me. For the record, the cards I mail read "Happy Holidays" because a large percentage are sent to non-Christians.

A separate aspect of our December rituals does irritate me, however. I’m mildly offended by people who don’t sign the greeting cards they mail to my address. Why bother, if you’re not going to make an effort at sincerity?

I’ll rate a card from my plumber higher than one from my own sister if the plumber writes "thanks for the money" on his while my own family member couldn’t be bothered.

There are exceptions. One card we’ve already received came without a personalized note. But its printed text explained that a member of the family had just received a heart transplant. Now, there’s a valid excuse for being impersonal.

I’m certainly not going to win any popularity contests. But I treasure the handful of pals who think enough of me to scribble a few words before posting their note.


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