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Monday, February 06, 2006

The Wright Game

Wasn’t Sunday’s big game spectacular? It’s been a while since a sporting event put me through so much pain. I thought about borrowing the neighbor’s dog, just so I could kick it all the way to Paola. And then came the epic comeback.

Oh yeah, the football game was pretty good, too.

For me, the big game was the Kansas men’s basketball team’s huge win over Oklahoma. The Sooner’s bullying defense, combined with Kansas’ Mario Chalmers and Jeff Hawkins’ scrappy attempt at breaking the NCAA record for most turnovers committed in a game, made the first thirty minutes a train wreck.

But Kansas outscored Oklahoma 25-8 in the final minutes to win by a point. It feels as if this victory, made possible by the heroics of KU’s Julian Wright, reclaimed the season. March just became more interesting.


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