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Thursday, July 17, 2008

This Meeting Is Adjourned

My fascination with presidential politics began in 1976 when my folks dropped me off at Crown Center. I spent the day in the hotel lobby monitoring the comings and goings of politicians and celebrities at the Republican convention.

Four years ago, the most moving political appearance I witnessed was John Edwards' populist plea at the Uptown Theater. Thursday's "town hall meeting" by John McCain at Union Station was even more impressive.

I sat atop a rickety bleacher as the Republican nominee fielded several loopy questions from an audience of about 1,000. It's probably no accident that a security agent selected a seat within arm's length of me.

At the risk of alienating his audience, McCain stuck to his centrist positions. Knowing his moderate stance was unpopular, he responded to a query about illegal immigration by joking that "this meeting is adjourned."


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