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Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Flea the Scene

Beer, chicken wings, televised sports and pretty girls- what’s not to like about Hooter’s? You won’t hear my voice among the whiny protesters when the orange eatery enters Westport. Even though I’ve never set foot in Westport's Chili’s or Starbucks, I don't understand why they’re considered evil while Kelly’s and Buzzard's Beach are seen as sacrosanct.

Frankly, The Westport Flea Market & Bar and Grill, which will be razed to make room for Hooter’s, has been exceedingly grubby for years. And as a former customer of the infamous Bob Berdella’s bazaar, that association still gives me the willies.

I stopped in the doomed structure to see a few minutes of Chad Rex’s performance on Sunday night. It was painful to see a genuine talent getting heckled by a couple of drunk and disgruntled Chiefs fans. The smirks of the patrons in this photograph (these aren’t the hecklers) indicate that they were aware of the freak taking their picture.


  • At 2:33 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Well, yeah it's grubby, and kind of creepy. I'll take a little tarnished personality over a gleaming plastic franchise restaurant any day of the week. I'll admit to having a little sentimentality about the place (my parents took me there all the time as a kid), but how can you love Woodswether's and not the Flea? They come from the same restaurant DNA.


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