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Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Grungy Green

Here's a dirty little secret- businesses can increase their customer base while cutting costs by declaring themselves "green." While in Colorado, I stayed in a "green hotel." Bugs in the room? We don't use insecticide. Slimy pool? We don't use chlorine. Soiled sheets? We're saving the planet. It's pure genius.


  • At 6:59 PM, Blogger Unknown said…


    Although I'm all for helping conserve and saving the planet, I don't think hotel guests that pay for a play to stay should have to be exposed to dirty sheets and moldy bathrooms.

    Hampton Inn made this fairly humorous video about a disgruntled hotel guest who dramatically rhymes about cockroaches, missing linens, and every travelers worst nightmare.
    I'll post the link - i think you'll have a good laugh :)


  • At 9:43 PM, Blogger Happy In Bag said…

    Thanks for the link, SJ. I happen to adore both Hampton Inn and La Quinta.

    I've stayed in far worse places than Boulder's "green" hotel. It's just annoying to pay more for the privilege to receive less.


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