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Monday, July 18, 2005

Tommy Castro

It's easy to mistake a musician’s audience for his music.

Kansas City loves the blooze- the rock-based, boogie-oriented music made as a soundtrack for sloppy beer-drinking and artless wooing of the opposite sex. Almost a thousand fans showed up for a free blooze show at the City Market Sunday night to partake of pointless guitar solos, a few refried classic rock songs, and exhortations to drink.

But Tommy Castro is a blues-man.

California-based Castro is a superior vocalist and tasteful guitarist. He has a genial stage presence, and as evidenced by the photo, women seem to appreciate his appearance. Although he's very talented, he's still a journeyman who pays tribute to his favorite music; he's not an innovator. He's proudly under the spell of masters like BB King.

This summer's Kansas City Blues Society concert series moved from midtown to the City Market. The big difference is that coolers are not allowed this year. Inexplicably, not all of the market's shops and restaurants are open, but a handful of food and drink vendors are on hand. And I guarantee that the operators of the beer concession are quite pleased. Elsewhere, savvy attendees claim a spot on the patio at Winslow’s Barbecue.

It's ridiculously hot, of course, but a hose is available to spray gleeful children and adults willing to dilute their sweat with cold tap water. And no doubt that hose came in handy in washing away the blooze fans' aftermath.


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