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Friday, November 25, 2005

Got a Light?

Are community and tradition enough?

I got up in the middle of the Plaza’s annual lighting ceremony Thanksgiving night and was reminded that those two sentimental standbys, along with the fleeting moment the lights come on, are all that are offered at the popular annual ceremony.

As most of the retail and restaurants are boarded up, it’s a real struggle to find someone to take your money. The line to buy small styrofoam cups of coffee and hot chocolate outside the Classic Cup was about thirty deep. And the lines for portable toilets was even more daunting. Luckily for boozers and full bladders, The Granfalloon was open for business.

Guest dignitaries Dick Vermeil and his wife helped flip the light switch. They seemed understandably concerned by the manic behavior of MC Larry Moore. His unbridled jocularity was creepy. Even more disturbing was the bizarre Branson-esque dance routine preceding the big moment.

Call me Scrooge, but if I was running the show, I’d insist on opening all the establishments on the Plaza, add additional stages with seasonal entertainers, and hoist large video screens to ensure maximum focus and product placement. You bet I’d commercialize it.

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Tragically, I committed involuntary manslaughter on the real star of Happy In Bag, my clunky old digital camera. I ordered a new one online this morning (no way am I battling for one at a store today). Until it arrives I’ll be running unused photos from my archives.

So, haven’t the sunsets been spectacular lately?


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