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Monday, November 28, 2005

Walking On Eggshells

Most Kansas Citians actively avoid engaging in risky activity. They know better than to ride a bike to work, date a Chiefs player, or stand between a preacher and a television camera.

That’s nothing. I feed birds.

I maintain several bird feeders on my property. A couple are attached directly to my home. I also get my hands dirty cleaning and refilling a bird bath.

My standard-issue Prairie Village backyard is about the size of Yao Ming, yet it’s an active aviary. It’s a summer home to dozens of bird species, but only the cardinals keep a permanent residence. I feed fresh flocks of migrating birds each week during the fall and spring. Even if these travelers are simply moving south from Canada or north from Mexico, it’s quite possible that they’ll have crossed paths with trans-continental species.

Clearly, I’m inviting avian flu into my home. If I don’t survive the winter, promise me this- be sure to keep the feeders full.


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