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Monday, February 05, 2007

Don't Make Him Cry Again

Is litter from McDonalds ubiquitous because the fast food chain is so popular, or because their customers are careless slobs? I'm not the first person to ask this question; it's a common topic of debate at city council and neighborhood zoning meetings. As a typical McDonalds customer, I never fail to dump my leftovers in their trash bins when I dine at the establishment, even though I know the paper placemat will stick stubbornly to the plastic tray. But most people of my generation don't toss their super-sized fry boxes out their car windows, mostly because they don't want to make this man cry.

I was amused by this story on NPR this morning. It's ostensibly about a loony phone call to a newspaper and the creative responses it generated. The piece is really about people who are compelled to participate in a public dialogue, just as we're doing here.


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