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Wednesday, December 31, 2008

2008 In the Bag

2008 can't conclude fast enough. It was overloaded with personal misery and financial ruin. But wait! It wasn't a complete disaster. In fact, I had some great times during the past year. Here's a partial list of the good stuff.

*I was on crutches when the year began. I now walk freely without pain.

*It seems like a dream nine months later, but I visited Great Britain in March. (I befriended these hearty, beer-guzzling chaps at ten in the morning on St. Patrick's Day.) I also hiked in the Rockies and swam with dolphins in the Pacific.

*I really didn't mind getting laid off from a dead-end job. I co-founded a company that has limitless potential.

*I witnessed over 250 individual live music performances in 2008. My couch misses me.

*The athletics department of the University of Kansas brought me enormous pleasure. A national championship in men's basketball was complimented by a victory in the Orange Bowl.

*This blog thing remains fun. Winning the Pitch's "Music Blog of the Year" awards for Plastic Sax and There Stands the Glass was really nice. And get this- not once did I peek at my stat counters in 2008. Thanks for reading.


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