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Thursday, August 25, 2005

Curse of the Graffanino

During the Royals’ excruciating 19-game losing skid, I developed a theory that the Royals were cursed.

Just as the Boston Red Sox were afflicted with the "Curse of the Bambino" for trading Babe Ruth, the Royals had been struck with the "Curse of the Graffanino."

Shortly after the Royals traded utility infielder Tony Graffanino to the Red Sox for minor leaguer Chip Ambres, the Royals went almost a month without winning. Graffanino is no Babe Ruth, but he’s a solid journeyman. Were he still with the Royals, Graffanino would possess the team's highest batting average.

The "Red Sox Nation" seemed to outnumber Royals fans at a wet Kauffman Stadium Wednesday night. As organized cheers for the visiting team are a violation of nature, it was satisfying to see the Royals eke out an extra-inning win. And because Ambres drove in the winning run against the World Series champions, perhaps this curse is, as they say, reversed.


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