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Thursday, March 30, 2006

Vote Yes, You Provincial Twits

My opinion on Tuesday’s sports complex vote doesn’t matter. I don’t live in Jackson County. I don’t even like football. While I realize my comments on the tax proposal may backfire with all six of my Missouri readers, I just can’t refrain from offering my admittedly negative perspective.

I don’t know if the proposal is a fair deal for taxpayers. I don’t if the rolling roof will work. I don’t know if the Royals will ever win again. I don’t know if Larry Johnson is a creep. And I don’t know what will happen if the tax fails.

But I do know the following is true.

Kansas City’s best days are behind it. The forces that once made Kansas City vital- the confluence of two rivers, cattle slaughterhouses and pioneer trail heads- are gone or are no longer relevant. Demographic trends favor cities with more temperate climates and more desirable platforms for economic innovation.

It’s simply a matter of how quickly Kansas City’s remaining viability will evaporate. The deterioration would rapidly accelerate should the Royals and Chiefs leave town.

Don’t get me wrong. Kansas City is still a really nice place. But I encourage our youth to find their futures elsewhere. It’s not dark yet, but it’s getting there.


  • At 5:39 PM, Anonymous Kansouri said…

    Here, here - without the Chiefs and Royals the only thing we would have going for us is that we are high and dry. Once global warming really kicks in - the polar caps will melt and the L.A. Chiefs and the San Antonio Royals will be under water - and we will be beach side baby. Vote Yes so its not so boring until then.

    Love your blog.


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