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Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Calling Out the Cauldron

Everyone in "The Yard" was having a good time at the Wizards game Saturday night.

The weather was ideal, beer was flowing and families were enjoying each other’s company in the Arrowhead Stadium endzone, where the least expensive seats are located.

The home team was playing Chivas USA, a team affiliated with a Mexican franchise. Most of the fans in The Yard were Spanish-speaking Chivas loyalists. Many waved Mexican flags and were bedecked in Chivas gear.

Everyone ignored the silly antics of "The Cauldron," a blue-shirted set of Wizards supporters who chant and sing in unison throughout the game. In the second half, however, the Cauldron directed their attention to the nearby fans in the endzone.

They began chanting "Chivas sucks" and seemingly pointed at the Mexican flags. Most members of "The Cauldron" quickly ceased their vulgar cheer once they realized that they were causing a tremendous uproar. A few guys, however, continued. Their faces were filled with rage. It was apparent that it wasn’t Chivas that they hated. Only when these knuckleheads realized they were in real danger did they back down.


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