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Monday, September 26, 2005

The Sisco and Lima Award

Even though the Kansas City Royals are Major League Baseball’s most miserable franchise, attending their games is still a wondrous experience. Faithful fans develop areas of special interest such as drinking beer, chasing foul balls, heckling players, or taking an inordinate amount of pleasure from the "Kiss Cam."

A small person living under my roof is an autograph hound. While I'll never allow him to camp out in front of the Plaza’s Fairmont Hotel while the Yankees are in town, his hobby is indulged by getting to games early.

So with Sunday’s final home game, I am especially grateful for the ongoing willingness of Royals pitchers Jose Lima and Andrew Sisco, more than any of their largely stingy teammates, to make themselves available to sign for kids.

As for grown men who elbow children aside to get closer to their heroes? You are scary freaks.


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