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Friday, March 24, 2006

Utopia, Part Three

When I tell people I’m considering moving to Canada, they usually assume I’m making a political statement. That’s not really the case.

The third and final leg of my spring break trip was a brief jump over the border to Vancouver. It quickly became my favorite city in the world. Its setting on the Pacific among mountains is gorgeous. And not only are its citizens darn nice, as a whole, they’re inordinately attractive. Toss in countless phenomenal Asian restaurants and Canada’s renowned health care system, and I’m sold. Higher taxes? For all this, I’d happily pay up.

This headline from the March 16 edition of Canada’s Globe and Mail provides insight into the sweet- and somewhat pathetic - nature of the Canadian mindset. The newspaper is perversely pleased that Palestinian terrorists decided not to kill a hostage upon discovering he was Canadian. The nation clearly has drastic self-esteem issues.


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