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Thursday, May 11, 2006

Rhino Bucket

Rhino Bucket are the world’s worst rock band. No, wait- they’re the greatest. After seeing them perform at Mike’s Tavern Tuesday night, I’m less certain than ever.

The Los Angeles band knows exactly how they want to look and sound, and they’ve been executing that formula flawlessly for over fifteen years.

That’s the dilemma. Rhino Bucket emulates AC/DC, circa 1978. Yet don’t mistake them for a cover band. Instead of performing "Whole Lotta Rosie" and "Highway To Hell," they offer original material that’s just as catchy and crunchy as anything in the metallic catalog of their inspirations. Brand new headbanger "Hammer & Nail" rocks with credible power while older favorites like "Blood, Sweat and Beers" are just as worthy as any AC/DC anthem.

Rhino Bucket’s ringer is vocalist Georg Delivo. His sinister rasp sounds exactly like the late Bon Scott’s. Brian Forsythe, a founding member of Kix, now shreds guitar for the Los Angeles-based Bucket.

I expected Mike’s to be packed with bikers and fans from the transgender community. (Drummer Liam Jason is now Jackie Enx.) But only about a dozen people showed up to catch Rhino Bucket. Excellent opening act Whiskey Boots, comprised of Heather Lofflin on guitar and Amy Farrand on drums, attracted another dozen people. Consummate pros, the mighty Rhino worked as if they were playing to the back row of Kemper Arena instead for 25 people in a college bar on Troost Avenue.

Rhino Bucket is absolutely perfect. Perfectly awful or just plain perfect? Take your pick.


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