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Thursday, January 11, 2007

Playing Chicken

Chick-Fil-A ranks somewhere between Wendy's and Baja Fresh on my personal palate preference chart of fast food chains. I'd sometimes fill up at their outlets while traveling but it wasn't until the franchise entered the Kansas City market that I learned that Chic-Fil-A enjoyed a fanatical cult following. Last night I visited the new location at Ward Parkway Shopping Center. It was good enough to inspire the mess pictured here. Yet the most memorable thing about the experience was witnessing the lengthy traffic jam wind its way through the drive-through lane. The Colonel can't be pleased.

I don't get worked up about format changes at radio stations. It used to be different. The old 61 Country was one of the few stations that was dedicated to locally-oriented programming. The DJs spoke directly to listeners in a calm, neighborly fashion. While it was theoretically a country music station, they'd mix it up with bluegrass, Elvis, Ray Charles and Irish music. It felt like home. That friendly vibe ended several years ago when WDAF was moved to the FM band. And this week the station switched to the nationally-programmed "The Wolf" format.


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