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Monday, April 23, 2007

Bird Slash People Conflicts

Notes from an amateur birdwatcher:

*I'd love to watch a video of hand-to-beak battles between Canadian geese and terrified toddlers. That'd be fierce entertainment. (I apologize for the bloody video link- I just don't care for the way this species is pushing out less predatory waterfowl.)

*I was inordinately dismayed when a vehicle (a black SUV, of course) failed to yield to a turkey vulture scavenging squirrel roadkill near my home on Sunday. How could anyone not skid to a halt in shock upon spotting the prehistoric, reptilian creature on an otherwise bland suburban street? The slow-moving beast barely avoided a nasty demise.

*It turns out that the animal I consider my personal pet, a male Northern flicker, owns a horrific voice. His call is straight out of the Amazon. It's really annoying.


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