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Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Pancakes Vs. Pad Thai

Sweat-drenched and hungry, I found myself at 64th and I-29 during the lunch hour earlier this week. An IHOP and a recently opened Thai Place share the lot overlooking the northland highway. Eggs, bacon and flapjacks sounded good. But Thai Place played a large role in increasing the quality and the quantity of Thai food in Kansas City. Loyalty sealed the deal. I realized I might have erred when I studied the menu in the largely empty Thai Place. It was going to be hard to escape for under ten dollars unless I stiffed the waiter. The cheapest option, pad Thai and a salad, was surely better than anything at IHOP. Still, ten dollars buys a lot of pancakes.


  • At 10:10 PM, Blogger bgo said…

    If the pancakes are good, I will opt for that. Sad thing is you can not get real maple syrup in any of these places because of the cost factor.

    Maybe you should come over to my dust bowl of a house with all sorts of broken down stuff, and eat some real tasty pancakes and some grade Vermont maple syrup. With some excellent fresh ground coffee of course too.

    Can't guarantee that the music I will play for the background will meet your highly expected standards.

    But hey, I like Thai food too, but much of it it is overpriced and poorly executed. You hopefully know of which I speak of.

    Your old pal

    Bill Osment
    the librarian once called stretch (retired).


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