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Monday, December 14, 2009

There's a Great Future In Plastics

I felt compelled to invite critics of my jazz blog to "punch me in the face" at tonight's performance by Diverse. As a friend once suggested about the jazz community, feelings run high because the stakes are so low. I'm cross-posting a note I left at Plastic Sax this morning:

You're too kind, Cb.

Anyone can do what I do. Seemingly one out of every ten fans of indie rock maintains a music blog. It astounds me that more passionate jazz fans don't do the same thing. That's why I celebrated the arrival of KCJazzLark this year. It doubled the number of Kansas City's jazz blogs.

I founded Plastic Sax in 2007 because a complete listing of Kansas City jazz musicians didn't exist. So I made one. I then realized that I wasn't satisfied with just one weekly column from the incredible Joe Klopus. And while I have deep affection for the bimonthly JAM, its valuable role as a mouthpiece for various institutions differs greatly from the content at Plastic Sax.

The fact that only a handful of musicians have acknowledged Plastic Sax's existence bothers me far less than the regular ribbing I take from family and friends about the endeavor. The people close to me know that I invest a lot of energy in Plastic Sax without any financial reward.

You don't see any advertising here. I don't apply for grant money. Plastic Sax is an unadulterated labor of love. Accordingly, I'm a volunteer staff of one.

So, Happy In Bag readers, feel free to join in tonight's beat down at the Record Bar. I'll be the guy with the bad hair and the big nose.


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