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Friday, August 26, 2005

Lima Time, All the Time

He strikes absurd poses after completing scoreless innings. He berates his catcher. He charges home plate between pitches to argue balls and strikes. He points to the heavens after impressive outs.

Jose Lima is the most entertaining player in Major League Baseball.

While the rest of the baseball world watched Curt Schilling’s unimpressive return as a starting pitcher Thursday night in Kauffman Stadium, I was transfixed by "Lima Time."

My seat above third base allowed me to continue to watch Lima when he wasn't on the field. His electric blonde hair made him easy to track as he congratulated successful baserunners, won a heated debate with Mike Sweeney and lashed into manager Buddy Bell.

After he was pulled from the game after walking Boston's leadoff batter in the sixth inning, he led cheers outside the dugout. The Royals trounced the Red Sox and Lima chalked up the win.

He’s only 34, and he should be able to add to his eleven years in the big leagues. But after baseball, I trust Lima will find a way to stay in the spotlight. I want him to continue to entertain, as a musician, sports commentator, or, ideally, as the star of a reality television series.


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