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Thursday, September 01, 2005

Watts Mill

Hormonal teens seeking seclusion, revelers scouting a location to ingest intoxicants, and petty criminals on the prowl for a base camp couldn’t find a more inviting area than the historic site at Watts Mill.

A beautiful stream runs through the Missouri side of 103rd and State Line. Below the strip mall that now houses Jasper’s, lies the crumbling foundation and a grindstone from the old wheat mill once operated by the Watts family.

By day, the site’s past draws the occasional history buff, and the walkway along the creek attracts joggers, bikers and the odd fisherman. Based on the overwhelming amount of tell-tale litter spotted there this week, however, it seems the location serves an entirely different function at night.

It’s perfect for covert purposes. Two massive liquor stores and three fast food restaurants are steps away. And while the subterranean park is surrounded by busy parking lots, conversation there is masked by noise from the street and the stream’s small waterfall.

It’s good to see nature being enjoyed by so many.


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