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Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Plate Puzzle


What possesses people to get personalized license plates? Isn’t anonymity on the road a good thing?

The practice only makes sense to me if SOCRMOM runs a youth coaching business, YOGA is an instructor, and KSTATE owns a sports souvenir shop. Otherwise, it seems like an odd and potentially dangerous vanity.

It’s not expensive. In Kansas, the cost is $40 for five years. You get seven letters on the cool buffalo design pictured here. Missouri offers six letters for a $15 fee (the state’s site doesn’t make it clear, so I guess it’s an annual charge).

Let me know what I’m missing. In the meantime, I’ll be mulling my options. How about HPYNBAG? Maybe I should just stick with DWEEB.


  • At 9:47 AM, Blogger Dan said…

    Yeah - I ripped on Mo. State rep. Lager for driving like a douchebag. I wouldn't have known who he was if not for his legislative plate.

    I think I want a personalized plate that just says "WTF".

  • At 1:15 PM, Anonymous panos said…

    When I was a young teenager, I imagined I'd have a Volkswagen bus with the plate "FRKMBL".

    {freak mobile}

  • At 6:35 PM, Anonymous Irish KC said…

    I must confess that I've never understood why either. Some of them I think are meant to be funny, but if that even works what about the second time you see it?

    Anyway because part of me works in the world of computing, sadly I see unintentional acronyms on everybodys non-personalized plates. That's enough of a burden.

  • At 7:19 PM, Blogger Ruralgurl said…

    And most obviously, why make it any easier for the police to remember your plate? I'm sorry officer, you must be looking for some other "SPEDEMN", I'd never do 93 in a 60.....

  • At 7:47 PM, Blogger Happy In Bag said…

    Thanks for your comments, all. I considered including your point in my post, Rural, but I'm trying not to court trouble. I'm disappointed at the absence of the defense of vanity tags. I know you're out there...

  • At 11:16 AM, Blogger emawkc said…

    Okay, I'll give it a shot. Here's my defense of vanity tags

  • At 5:52 PM, Anonymous Andrei said…

    Hello Happy in Bag!
    Please check my collection of Outstanding Licence Plates at http://www.pl8s.org.
    You may have lots of ideas for your own. And by the way, would you mind sharing that WATEVER plate photo with my collection?
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  • At 5:21 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    I think people who clamor for these vanity plates
    are looking for some sort of chic identity . . .
    usually they haven't a clue as to any identity. Sudo sophisticated
    is about as close to an identity as they get. Much like the tasteless check book
    art that people have . . .gaudy and tasteless with over colored scenes
    or whittle duckies and teddy bears.


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