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Monday, January 15, 2007

Grand Slam

I've always liked Denny's.

I like the fact that the smoking section is bigger than the non-smoking section. It's comforting that the delicious pancakes and bacon are exactly the same in Amarillo, Long Beach and Overland Park. I know from experience that I can stumble out of a motel room, buy a local newspaper, and collapse into a sticky booth at Denny's without the need to open my eyes.

If only I could get some service. It seems that most every Denny's is understaffed. The wait to place an order can be an ordeal. Paying the tab can be an insurmountable challenge. That's part of the Denny's experience.

The highly publicized problems Denny's once had with racial discrimination were no doubt based on horrific events. Even at this late date, racism is pervasive. But that doesn't mean that Denny's now runs smoothly.

Who do I have to smack to get a refill on my coffee?

Here in northern Johnson County, snowplows are dutifully motoring up and down the streets. It's impressive, even if they're merely redistributing the same inch of icy sludge.

Snowflakes seem to be flying upwards at the moment. I love it when that happens.


  • At 6:23 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    I just waltz on over to the the wait-station, grab a pot and refill my own cup. Usually a few other people's on the way back, too. No one's ever stopped me......


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