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Thursday, November 29, 2007

I'm Beginning To Smell the Coffee

Happy In Bag readers rely on me to bring them cutting edge information and opinions. So steel yourself for this shocking revelation- our medical system is broken. I don't want to come across as an angry pedagogue or as an annoying crybaby, so I'll spare you the details of the mind-numbingly slow and breathtakingly expensive initial steps to repair my damaged knee. The process is so awful that I'm suddenly tempted to do the unthinkable.


  • At 2:02 PM, Blogger the unthinking lemming said…

    I had an experience with the medical system just over a year ago for a badly fractured wrist. The service I received was first rate. The costs, OTOH, were not so cool. Over $50K before the insurance reduced it to allowable costs of $35k.

  • At 4:29 PM, Blogger meesha.v said…

    you don't have to do the unthinkable. just a coin toss would get about the same results.

  • At 1:02 PM, Anonymous panos said…

    For a second, I thought maybe you Rickrolled us with that do the unthinkable link. Thanks for not.

  • At 1:08 PM, Blogger Happy In Bag said…

    UL- Ouch.

    M- I beg to differ.

    Panos- If I was a one-issue voter, I'd put a HRC sign in my yard.

  • At 6:16 PM, Anonymous panos said…

    The issue being 'stop rickrolling in our lifetime'?

  • At 9:26 AM, Blogger Happy In Bag said…

    Panos, you know I wouldn't play a mean and disturbing trick designed to upset you. (Sorry.)


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