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Thursday, October 27, 2005

Does Zin Serve Frostys?

Ignore the telltale yellow cups and take a gander at that vista. It’s funny how putting an enormous glass window between yourself and a gritty reality can suddenly make it look a lot nicer.

This photo was taken from inside the new Wendy’s at 12th and Genessee. Pretty slick, huh?

Dreamers and land speculators continue to hope that the West Bottoms will soon enjoy a renaissance. I don’t think they had Wendy’s in mind, but I’ll take this view over the scene from Zin's big picture windows at 19th and Main. Besides, I don’t think Zin offers a dollar menu.

Incidentally, excepting cigarettes and lottery tickets, the adjacent convenience store does not have sin for sale. (See my October 20 entry.) So save yourself a trip- you still need to purchase your alcohol, rolling papers, porn and crack pipes at the older establishment a block to the east.


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