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Wednesday, May 24, 2006

I'm Totally Gay For the WNBA

By the time I turned on my television last night the action in the NBA playoffs and in Major League Baseball had ended. I didn’t mind- ESPN was broadcasting a WNBA game. I was delighted to see two of my favorite players, Sue Bird and Lauren Jackson, even though they played poorly.

Sports fans in Kansas City are anticipating the arrival of an NBA or NHL team to anchor the new Sprint Center arena. I don’t have any inside information, but common sense tells me that won’t happen. I’ve written about the last time Kansas City had an NBA team, and there’s virtually no fan base for hockey in this town.

If I’m right, Sprint Center management will need to come up with something to demonstrate that the tens of millions of dollars spent on the arena weren’t in vain. So we’ll get an WNBA team. The Chiefs-loving crowd will not be enthused. Support will come from backers of Kansas State, which has placed a few players in the WNBA, the thousands of girls who play on their school’s basketball teams, and from the women’s community.

Additionally, the WNBA will soon feature a superstar who may make the sport palatable to the American public. Candace Parker is pretty. And she can dunk.

I can't wait.


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